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Understanding How DAF Works

Please read the attached brochure to understand how DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) works. We (more)


H2Flow is pleased to announce that we now have stock and inventory for (more)

H2FLOW Exhibiting at NWFPA 2018 – Booth 843 (more)
H2FLOW Exhibiting at NWFPA 2018 – Booth 843 (more)
H2Flow Chocolate Dream come true... (more)

H2Flow Equipment Inc. would be happy to help you choose the correct DAF unit for your application and wastewater treatment systems. We will recommend the right equipment to remove the contaminants you are concerned about or improve your existing process. Complete physical, chemical, biological systems can be provided. Call our sales/engineering group to discuss your application in detail, or download and fill out the H2FLOW QUESTIONNAIRE (Word Format) form and send it back to us for use in our initial evaluation.

We look forward to assisting you with your projects.


DAF System Case Studies:

Commercial Bakery (PDF)
Dr Oetker (PDF)
Farm Fresh Poultry (PDF)
Heinz Canada (PDF)
Janes Foods (PDF)
Kraft Foods (PDF)
MLF DAF Hamilton (PDF)
RPM Plastics (PDF)
Seaforth Creamery (PDF)
Western Waffles (PDF)
Mining (PDF)
PlanetEarth (PDF)