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Understanding How DAF Works

Please read the attached brochure to understand how DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) works. We (more)


H2Flow is pleased to announce that we now have stock and inventory for (more)

It has been a busy fall for H2Flow DAF (more)
H2Flow ships a DAF clarifier to mining customer in Nunavut. (more)
H2Flow DAF Pilot Rental (more)

It has been a busy fall for H2Flow DAF

We have delivered the following just in the last few weeks:

DAF system for a baked goods manufacturer

DAF unit for a rail yard

DAF unit for yogurt plant

‎DAF unit for an oil refinery

‎DAF system for a pet food plant

‎Pipe flocculator for an automotive plant

and hopefully more to come before the end of the year! ‎We have many units in stock ready to go...