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Understanding How DAF Works

Please read the attached brochure to understand how DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) works. We (more)


H2Flow is pleased to announce that we now have stock and inventory for (more)

H2Flow Chocolate Dream come true... (more)
It has been a busy fall for H2Flow DAF (more)
H2Flow ships a DAF clarifier to mining customer in Nunavut. (more)

H2Flow Chocolate Dream come true...

Another successful commissioning of a H2Flow DAF unit at a brand name chocolate plant. This unit is rated for 60 usgpm. 

Note the split flange in the middle of the tank: the DAF had to be designed to be built in two separate pieces to fit through an existing elevator and into the plant’s basement to then be assembled on site. Yes H2Flow can do that! 


H2Flow DAF